Foundation Letter

Dear Community Member,

The success of our community comes from the mutual respect and collaboration between the Petaluma Police Department and those we serve; our residents, businesses, schools, churches, community organizations and our social services partners.  In response to the current needs of our pluralistic society, a group of concerned community members formed a non-profit organization called the Petaluma Policing Foundation. The group wanted to help support the proactive community centered policing philosophy of the Petaluma Police Department by improving the quality of life in Petaluma by providing complimentary public education programs and safety services.

The Petaluma Policing Foundation offers a variety of programs that increase the health, safety and awareness of our community and specifically our children and our seniors.  These programs include::

  1. Police Explorer Program- teen law enforcement cadet program offers sworn officer mentorship and leadership development for our  youth.
  2. Junior Police Camp- No cost education program offered to 3rd-6th grade students twice a year that begins to build the important relationship between our youth and  law enforcement focusing on leadership, teamwork, and a winning attitude. 
  3. Gang Intervention-Sexual Assault- Human Trafficking Education -programs created to assist families and the community with these issues.
  4. Senior Scam-Fraud Prevention Workshops- Education program  free to all senior centers, mobile home parks, active senior living residents, PEP housing, and community organizations to reduce identity theft and victimization of seniors.
  5. Volunteer in Police Service- The Petaluma Police Department has over 70 thriving volunteers who donate over 5000 hours of service to assist in various facets of the Police Department. Specific tasks include: DUI check points, parades, wellness checks, patrols in mobile home parks and residential areas, and act as a liaison for local schools and businesses.
  6. Community Academy-PPF provides two annual (Spanish and English) 10 week courses which address public trust and legitimacy, policy and oversight, technology and social media, crime reduction and community policing, officer training and education, professional standards, officer wellness and safety, use of force, and patrol and specialty operations.   

To view specific details about each unique program provided to the public through the Petaluma Policing Foundation, please visit the website at

We are asking for your help in making certain that these programs can be delivered to the residents of Petaluma without any costs incurred to them. Your tax-deductible donation will directly support any or all of the services listed above. FEDERAL TAX ID is #465547348

For more information on the Petaluma Policing Foundation, or to serve on our PPF Board of Directors, or become a volunteer, please contact us at 707-778-4458.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. 


Scott Pritchard, Ken Savano

Foundation President Interim Police Chief

Volunteer Intern Application – Police Department

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